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Replacement Spray Hoods.

If you would like your spray hood replaced using the existing frames then we need to visit your boat 2-3 times. Unfortunately we can’t just work from your old cover as it may have become stretched and distorted over time.

If in serviceable condition we can re user your existing fittings, or supply new ones; these are usually lift the dot studs, press studs, turnbuckles, hooks, lacing buttons, or a combination of any of these.

Our replacement spray hoods are made from acrylic canvas with a PU coating for great water resistance. This keeps the hoods breathable, whilst still providing excellent stability in sunlight.

The windows are made from..

How we work.

On our first visit to your boat we make and fit a plastic template over your existing steel frame. This ensures your new spray hood is going to be a perfect fit.

Then back at our loft in Dell Quay we’ll make the spray hood, then arrange with you to have it fitted.

If your spray hood needs some final adjustments then we may need to arrange another fitting, but this is pretty rare!

Spray hood Prices.

Using your existing framework means your spray hood is likely to cost between £500 – £650. This of course varies between boats, and material choices.

provide protection to the cockpit seating area. With boat name applied provide a means of emergency services identifying your boat. We can use your measurements for these or we can measure your boat if it is in our working area.

Standard Dodger

Standard (1.5m) £100.00 per pair + £3.20 per letter basic Arial upper case.

Made from acrylic canvas with contrasting pvc letters.

Racing Dodger

We also make racing dodgers , basic white pvc with  eyelets and your sail number on for identification on the finish line.


We can apply specified fonts, if sew on avoid fiddly fonts. We can offer a printed service which opens up your options on fonts.

Dodgers as standard are supplied with eyelets at intervals to enable attachment to your guard rails/toe rails.

Materials: Acrylic canvas pu coated. Or pvc

Standard sailcovers,unless you have your preferred method of fastening are made with a zip closure to the front of the mast and turnbuttons along the bottom. £14.00 per foot.


Lazyjack sailcovers or stackamains, we don’t supply the lazy jack system, just the bag, but we do make it to last and so it works well. We receive many in for repair earlier than we should see them due to lack of thought by the manufacturers.


Materials: Acrylic canvas, pu coated or uncoated.

We can re cover your existing foam or template your boat and provide a total service

using new foam.



We generally use CM40  Fire retardant foam in 2 3 4 5” thicknesses other densities available including memory foam.


Materials and guide price

Vinyl for a waterproof and price conscious solution from £12.00

Acrylic canvas uncoated for a waterproof and slightly friendlier feel £18.00

Aguanova a beautiful fabric which feels luxurious yet is waterproof and stain resistant.£35.00 plus

Sunbrella  an up to date and stylish flatweave £35.00  plus

If water isn,t an issue then we have other fabrics we can recommend, or source your own. online such as Modelli fabrics, Romo, Linwood… most will send samples.


We can button cushions but preferably not as they fail and  trap dust etc, but great if you’re aiming for a traditional look.

A contemporary alternative is to emphasise shape in a cushion by creating a knee roll using an internal flap.



Not forgetting the underlining, a lightweight cost effective slightly breathable  fabric which cuts down condensation.




Oh and we use velcro to close the cushion covers, it doesn’t mind being unused for months on end whereas zips do.

Architectural / Shades


We are increasingly being asked to provide  screens / curtains/ shades for garden  structures.

These projects lend themselves to our bespoke service…..

Talk to us today about your custom canvas work